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Chartwell Motors provides its customers with a Free Autocheck vehicle history report.

  YOURREQUESTS.HTML Your Vehicle Needs Are Respected

  • Chartwell Motors will, upon request, do what it can to find you the vehicle you want, if our inventory doesn't suit your needs.

    Click this link to let our management know what you're looking for. Fill out the form and we'll work closely with you to find you a vehicle you want!

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    If you'd like to sell us your vehicle, we'll need the following information:

  • your vehicle's registration card and VIN number
  • your vehicle's title
  • your driver's license
  • if you owe money on it or there is a current lienholder (bank, credit union, etc), we'll need that name, and your permission to obtain the current loan or payoff balance.
  • your signature or the signature of all persons listed on the title on a bill of sale (we provide this form for you)

  • Please fill out this form completely! Your Vehicle Information

Chartwell Motors is NOT interested in acquiring every vehicle. Not surprisingly, we're primarily interested in low mileage, late model vehicles that have been well-maintained.

In most cases, after we appraise your vehicle, if we decide to make you a cash offer - that cash offer is good for a period of 24 hours only. This is due to the fact that no business like ours can have multiple, large cash offers on the table at any one time.

Contact Jerry E. Clark at either 540-862-7350 during normal business hours or 540-460-3513 (weekends, holidays or after normal business hours) if you have any question about our purchase or acquisition policies.

You may email us with your questions about this as well:

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