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Chartwell Motors provides its customers with a Free Autocheck vehicle history report.

  STANDARD.HTML All Chartwell Motors vehicles come with our standard, 30 day LIMITED warranty unless the vehicle is clearly marked NO WARRANTY, AS IS. In those rare cases, it means we plan to wholesale the vehicle and do NOT plan to keep it in our regular inventory.

  • Details of our Standard, 30 Day Warranty: Chartwell Motors warranties the integrity of the engine block, transmission, tires, battery, water pump, radiator, radio and entertainment system, wheel bearings and drive train for a period of 30 days after the sale. We agree to pay 50% of the parts and 50% of the labor to repair problems in the above named areas.

  • What is NOT included in our Standard, 30 Day LIMITED warranty:

    • Upholstery, windshield, windows and automatic window motors, vizors, handles, lights, moon roof, antennas, hubcaps, bumpers or other body damage, rear view mirrors and outside mirrors, step up bumpers, seat belts, gauges, struts, shocks and the steering mechanism. These are all items which are inspected prior to sale and will be in tip top shape prior to any sale. Substantial damage via customer use may occur after the sale which is out of our control.

  • Options:

    - The Standard LIMITED Warranty package may be increased for up to one year after the sale or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) via the purchase of Chartwell Car Care Plus, a $849 option (or, on an average car purchase, about $18 monthly, includes a $50 deductible provision), at the time of the sale. This package is limited to vehicles 6 years old and newer and for those vehicles with 75,000 miles or less at the time of sale. Chartwell Car Care Plus offers much more than a regular additional warranty however: in addition to providing the customer with a heavy duty set of jumper cables and 4-way at the time of sale, customers will enjoy emergency battery replacement service within our market area, emergency gasoline assistance in case you run out of gas, a free oil change certificate, service log book and the security of knowing that the major parts of your vehicle will be repaired or replaced if you have problems within the year timetable. - Longer and more comprehensive warranties are available from companies like Wynn for certain classes of vehicles at a substantially higher cost. See your salesman for more details.

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